Dear Fellow Members,

I am sure we were all horrified and very saddened by the tragic event and loss of young lives that occurred in Manchester earlier this week. It is a stark reminder that we live in troubling times and London is a terrorist target. The increased terror threat which has been signified by our Prime Minister raising the terrorist threat to critical makes us only too aware of how exposed ROSL is being based in the centre of London. This was discussed at the EXCOM meeting this week and it was agreed unanimously that we should have an increased focus on the safety and security of our members and staff. It is with our members' and staff safety and security in mind, therefore, that I am informing you of the following new procedure which will come into place with immediate effect. 

All members and guests must sign in and out of the club on every single occasion they enter the club premises. To affect this change, ROSL shall be recruiting a concierge who will have responsibility for ensuring this is done. The concierge has my personal authority to refuse admission to any member who does not have his or her membership card or number with them. Guests will only be able to enter the premises with a member. Any member inviting a guest to the club must be present when the guest is signing in.

I appreciate that this is a new procedure and one which adds an administrative burden on you, however, I know that you will all appreciate the necessity of this initiative,

Thank you for your support and co-operation.

Sir David Brewer


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