From working to establish peace in Kashmir to creating a crime-busting anti-hero, former Indian Foreign Secretary and diplomat Krishnan Srinivasan tells Amber Cowan about his colourful life 


There can be few diplomats who have had as colourful life as Krishnan Srinivasan. But while the 80-year-old Indian ambassador, academic and author is happy to talk about international relations - the prospect of peace in Kashmir, say, or Europe's relationship with emerging Asia - he is more reticent when it comes to himself. "I rarely think about my achievements, if you can call them that," he says. "I'm just one of a zillion civil servants who has had a bit of luck along the way."

Nevertheless, it's hard to think of someone who has done more for his country, in terms of diplomatic service. He began his career as a junior ambassador with the Indian Foreign Ministry in 1959 and spent four decades on missions to some of the most troubled regions on Earth, including Libya, Beirut and Bangladesh. "I have certainly been posted to places that are extremely difficult to work in," he says...

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