How many Commonwealth affiliated organisations, charities and associations can you name, apart from the Royal Over-Seas League? Statistically the average answer is four, so if you were able to name more you are in an alarmingly small percentage of younger people in the United Kingdom. The lack of communication between these groups and younger people has resulted in a lot of missed opportunities. From volunteering, to working abroad, there are endless ways for young people to become a part of the Commonwealth family. 
That is why ROSL is proud to be teaming up with CommonTies, a group whose soul aim is to engage young people living in the UK (either temporarily or permanently), to bring you our event: Building Lasting Ties with the Commonwealth: Connect, Engage, Contribute. The event aims to introduce people to the larger Commonwealth family and help them learn more about the vast opportunities on offer.

As part of the event we will have an exciting interactive Commonwealth Fair with various associations, organisations and charities hosting stalls for young people to get information, ask questions and sign up to future events. Alongside the fair we will be running four debates which will be hosted by some of our guest organisations and will tackle some of the core questions within the Commonwealth such as how can young people help to drive ethical business? Or, how is climate change and migration affecting the health and education of young people?

The fair is running from 4.30pm until 8.30pm so whether you only have an hour to pop in or wish to stay for the whole thing, you are welcome to grab a glass of wine and join us in learning about the Commonwealth family on Thursday 25 May. To register, visit the ROSL website.
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