It was a beautiful afternoon when artist and author Damian Callan stood in front of the vast windows of the Stevenson room presenting a demonstration and discussion. Callan is a figurative painter based in Edinburgh and the author of the books Paint Like Degas and Paint Like Renoir.

He teaches classes for adults and children at his studio near Haymarket and his work is exhibited widely in the UK as well as being held in collections across the world. He has also written articles for Artist & Illustrators Magazine and The Artist Magazine as well as regularly demonstrating drawing and painting techniques at public events in Edinburgh. With his busy schedule and wealth of experience, we were very lucky that Callan spent over an hour reflecting on his practice while demonstrating his technique, using the view from the club as a muse.


The A1 size drawing developed quickly as Callan talked through what creative decisions were being made as he was making them. The small audience asked questions and shared opinions as the event indeed became a discussion, with the artist helpfully joining in as he worked away. The drawing with its energetic lines was left incomplete with the promise of being finished over the coming months, something we very much look forward to sharing.


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