Monday night saw a dazzling concert of live soundtrack to film projections, with performances by the Shout at Cancer laryngectomy choir, 2022 ROSL Composition Award finalist Christian Drew and Philip Clemo.

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Last night this very special multimedia concert in collaboration with Shout at Cancer was the exciting culmination of From Silence Into Song, a hugely inspirational project's origins recording the inner dialogues of trees that survived the atomic bombs of Hiroshima & Nagasaki.


Film-maker, composer & sound-designer Philip Clemo and team connected specialist microphones and highly-sensitive sensors to survivor trees on the 6th & 9th of August, 2020, exactly 75 years after the 1945 bombings. This project ultimately asks what we can learn from the extraordinary resilience and symbiotic networks of the natural world, and how we might be able to integrate that learning into the functioning of our own societies.

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Dr Thomas Moors, Director of Shout at Cancer

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The concert, introduced by the charity's Director Dr Thomas Moors, featured performances from the Shout at Cancer laryngectomy choir alongside sound recordings from the trees with a premiere of a new work from Christian Drew (2022 ROSL Composition Award finalist). Christian was a finalist in the 2022 ROSL Composition Award and makes music for concerts, installation, dance and film using acoustic instruments, electronics and recordings.

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Christian Drew, 2022 ROSL Composition Award finalist


Shout at Cancer is the world's only charity specialised in speech training with music after laryngectomy.





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