Last night leading art historians and lecturers from Sotheby’s Institute of Art discussed the role, representation and history of the muse, across time and cultures, from ancient Greece to today in Princess Alexandra Hall.


Sotheby's Institute of Art Panel Discussion: Does the Role of the Artist's Muse Have a Place in the Modern World? - Thursday 31 March, Princess Alexandra Hall, London


Leading up to the official book launch of Muse (Vintage Books, 07/04/22) which will also be hosted by Royal Over-Seas League as a part of our arts programme, Author, Art Historian and Sotheby's Institute of Art faculty member, Ruth Millington chaired this fascinating evening alongside Dr David Bellingham, Dr Amy Mechowski and Dan Vo. Each in turn responded to the posed questions - What is the origin of the muse? Who has been a significant muse? Should the outdated label be cancelled, or do we need to reconsider term for today? Which muses have changed art history? What is the future of the muse?

What followed was a fascinating account of the creative thread of inspiration throughout art history, with questions invited from our captive audience, enjoyed also via livestream ticketed link. We very much look forward to hearing more on Thursday 7 April, 6:30pm (BOOK NOW)



Ruth Millington - Art Historian, Author & Critic



Dr David Bellingham - Art Historian, Author & Sotheby's Institute of Art Programme Director



Dr Amy Mechowski - Art Historian, Author & Curator



Dan Vo - Media Producer & Museum Professional






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