With so much progress made at the clubhouse throughout the pandemic and more to look forward to next year, there are reasons to be cheerful at ROSL! In this issue of Overseas, we celebrate the efforts ROSL has been making to revitalise itself during and since lockdown, and what more we have coming up next year. 

On page 6, Director-General Annette Prandzioch starts us off by outlining two exciting anniversaries ROSL will celebrate in 2022, her vision for the club as ‘a place of ideas’, and plans to reaffirm our global footprint.

After more than 60 years of doing good, ROSL’s charitable arm, the ROSL Golden Jubilee Trust, is changing its name to the ROSL Foundation, and with it, its funding priorities. On page 10, Trustee Helen Prince explains why the changes are happening, what they mean and what you can do to help.

General Manager Warren Miller has set about improving facilities at Over-Seas House since his appointment in 2019. The pandemic has provided an unexpected opportunity to get cracking on the work, with more to come next year, including the reopening of our Art Deco Restaurant. Find out more on page 12.

Next up, on page 16, Artistic Director Geoff Parkin previews the plans ROSL ARTS have for the future; how we will mark the 70th anniversary of the Annual Music Competition, take our activities on the road and what will be up on the walls of the clubhouse. In December, we will launch our new Six Park Place sub-brand, aimed at tapping into the lucrative venue hire market.

On page 20, Kate McIntosh explains what the plans are and how members stand to benefit. Plenty to look forward to, I think you will agree!

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Read the PDF version here.

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