In October, Duke’s Auctioneers hosted a valuation day at the London clubhouse. Members brought along antiques to receive a free valuation for auction from Duke’s experts Dr Matthew Denney and Amy Brenan and to learn more about their heirlooms and treasures.

“I was very excited to see so many pieces of jewellery brought along to the event,” said Duke’s Jewellery Valuer, Amy Brenan. “One of the highlights of the day was a superb Victorian gold chain. The owner had inherited it many years ago and was too nervous to wear it in case it was damaged. When I revealed that it was a very desirable Victorian chain with an unusual clasp and worth several hundred pounds, she decided that now was the right time to sell it.”

The 53 inch chain was not hallmarked but appeared to test as yellow gold and was most likely to be 15ct yellow gold, a popular choice for quality pieces of jewellery in the 19th century. The fashion at the time was very much for long chains which could be looped together or decorated with brooches and pendants to enable it to be worn for a multitude of different occasions. “This particular example had a clasp in the shape of a ladies hand wearing a turquoise ring, a popular but very desirable design for buyers today,” said Amy. 

At auction on 4 December, the chain was the subject of a fierce bidding war and sold for £2,196, more than three times its auction estimate.

Duke’s Auctioneers are planning further valuation days for members at Over-Seas House London in 2015. For more information or to take advantage of the free valuation service offered by Duke’s Auctioneers, please contact Amy Brenan on 01305 265080. 



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