Live concerts, book talks, panel discussions and more have been taken place at ROSL, here's your chance to watch them all again if you missed them first time around. 

Last night, award winning pianist Viv McLean relaunched our in-person events programme with a bang, playing to a live audience in the Princess Alexandra Hall for the first time since we reopened on Monday. His programme of Chopin and Gershwin was met with warm applause as members and their guests were able to enjoy live music for the first time in many month. Watch the full performance below.


Earlier this month, author Linda Porter gave an online talk discussed her new book Mistresses, which tells the story of the women who shared Charles's bed, each of whom wielded influence on both the politics and cultural life of the country. From the young king-in-exile's first mistress and mother to his first child, Lucy Walter, to the promiscuous and ill-tempered courtier, Barbara Villiers. Watch below. 


Members also led an online panel discussion discussing the future of light rail. Construction, operation and development of Light Rail Trams and Ultra-Light Rail Vehicles are already making this sector a significant new home-grown industry with world beating innovative technologies. With over 80 schemes identified for development and a number underway, the foundation is set for building up this industry to deliver and operate ecological, non-toxic vehicle fleets which will contribute to the decarbonisation of the country’s transport system in a highly cost-effective way. Watch below.

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