NZTrio, made up of Annual Music Competition alumni Amalia Hall violin, Ashley Brown cello, and Somi Kim piano will be livestreaming their Dramatic Skies 1: Strauss from Auckland on Sunday 18 April at 5pm local time. 

Living rooms were the birthplace of chamber music! Powerfully intimate musical experiences are what NZTrio does best, either in a concert venue or the comfort of your own home. Join NZTRio for a livestream of their concert Stratus, direct from the Auckland Town Hall Concert Chamber on April 18th at 5pm (NZST/GMT+12). Whether you’ve got your feet up in cosy socks with a cuppa, or you’ve gathered with friends for a wine-fuelled ‘watch party’, we look forward to connecting with fellow music-lovers across the globe. Music knows no borders.

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Dramatic Skies 1: Stratus

Approx. 1.5 hours, plus interval

Rachmaninoff: Trio élégiaque No. 1 in G minor

Haydn: Piano Trio in G Major, Hob XV:25

Suk: Elegie in D flat Major, Op. 23

Cowan: Ultra Violet

de Lautour: An Auscultation of Water (new commission)

Chausson: Trio in G minor, Op. 3

Stratus begins the three-part 2021 series – Dramatic Skies – enveloped in a foggy blanket of sound, with the dark, sumptuous depths of Rachmaninoff's Trio élégiaque and Suk's yearning Elegie, sandwiched around the cosy, rustic nature of Haydn's sunny G Major trio. Claire Cowan's Ultra Violet shimmers through the spectrum with its millions of colours; in Reuben De Lautour's new commission An Auscultation of Water we sink into the undulations of an aquatic heart beat; and we ascend again, evaporating into the melancholy, linear architecture of the Chausson Trio, reminiscent of Aotearoa's (New Zealand’s) eponymous threads of clouds hugging the horizon.

As the name suggests, the series leads us through intense emotional contrasts, from sweetness and light to drama and darkness. The bookends - two Rachmaninoff piano trios, both named élégiaque - indicate the powerful emotional journey within the series. 

There are three newly commissioned New Zealand works in this series.

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Dramatic Skies 2: Cumulus coming September 5, 5pm (NZST/GMT+12)

Dramatic Skies 3: Cirrus coming December 12, 5pm (NZST/GMT+12)


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