Take a look at the new online exhibition created by artists Clare Charnley from the UK and Joey Chin from Singapore, a former recipient of ROSL's International Residency, which combines the work of both. 

A 6-month long project starting from May 2020, both collaborators communicated using the tools they had on hand: emails, Dropbox, Skype, including old-fashioned mail from Joey to Clare which did not arrive.

It started from their email discussions about daily walks in strange COVID locked-down cities on opposite sides of the world. Interested in the intensity of looking generated by this constraint, Clare photographed intersections of the streets close to her house, blanking out half of each photo to form a white space for Joey.

Through an act of interpretation, from a weird mix of imagination to personal experience, a series of non-spaces was built for Here but where, creating places much vaster than the narrow confines of the other’s environment.  

Take a look at the exhibition here.

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