ROSL has teamed up with a young company to produce very special, limited-edition, denim facemasks. 

The denim is made from 100% biodegradable cotton which makes up the main body of the masks; the company has been recycling their fabric stock and will now be moving on to sourcing their fabric from the Organic Textile Company.

The elastic they use is made from 62% organic cotton and 38% natural rubber. This is a more responsible alternative to conventional elastics, in addition to being both recyclable and biodegradable.

Available in three designs for £24 each, they can be purchased online from the ROSL Shop.

Design one, oval in shape, has a single seam down the middle ensures the mask sits perfectly on the bridge of the nose and fits neatly under the chin.

ROSL Facemask Design no. 1

Design two has a pleat at either side of the mask and an adjustable nose piece and a pleat under the chin, which enables the fabric to mould organically to the contours of the face.

ROSL Facemask Design no. 2

Design three has a very precise structure, It is pinched on the bridge of the nose, and has an additional piece of fabric designed to support the chin, ensuring a snug and secure hold.

ROSL Facemask Design no. 3

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