In an uncertain world, who should we trust? That is the question we try to answer in the upcoming Transparency issue of Overseas, available online from 1 September. 

As we each raised a glass and cheered in a new decade back in January, how many of us would have thought the world would have changed so dramatically in just a few short months? And how many more would have thought that as COVID-19's spread gained speed around the world from February onwards, that we would still be living under its spectre in August?

Our clamour to find out more about COVID-19 has meant we have all come to rely on the advice of medical professionals, scientists and the government. Underreporting of cases, claims of unproven treatments, and accusations of political motivations in the response to the virus, have led many to think twice about what information out there they can trust. That’s why, in this Overseas, we have chosen the theme of 'transparency' to shed light on these issues and to help each of us get to the truth.

The medical trials currently under way to find a vaccine are a crucial part of returning the world to normality, but dangerous misunderstanding has spread during lockdown. Natalie Healey finds out how life-saving science could be communicated more effectively.

Often spread online, this misinformation has also occasionally come from politicians and the papers. Mistrust in the government and media has grown during the pandemic, so how can these public institutions regain our trust, asks Ross Davies. 

Throughout lockdown and ROSL's own closure, we have strived to keep you all abreast of everything we have been doing to prepare for your return. Now that the clubhouse is open once again, new Director-General Annette Prandzioch sets out her stall and shares her ambitions for the organisation. A key part of that is the continued renovations of Over-Seas House, which member Martyn Kingsford explains in more depth. 

Read all these features and more, plus news, events from the clubhouse and branches around the world in the next issue, available online from 1 September.

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