With so much change across the world, as well as at ROSL, the post-pandemic ‘new normal’ may be quite different from the world we’re used to. Despite the restrictions placed on all our lives, it can still be viewed as an opportunity, to look again at the way we care for ourselves, each other and the world at large. That’s why, in this new online-only edition of Overseas, we have chosen the theme of 'renewal' to reflect these changing times, both within ROSL and across society as a whole. 

The coronavirus pandemic has been an anxious time for many of us, with many looking for ways to relieve stress from the uncertainty of it all. Mindfulness had become one of the foremost techniques used to ease the demands of the attention economy, well before the current crisis. On page 18, Ross Davies looks at how this contemporary form of meditation might be applied to renew the mind and help us better reconnect with ourselves. But does this taking an old idea and repackaging it for the modern day speak of a wider trend in society; has the world run out of original ideas? With Hollywood remaking old movies, tech giants lauding flip phones as the next big thing, and fashion influencers returning to looks of decades past, Abi Millar asks why the world is finding such comfort in the familiar on page 24.

When the clubhouse first closed in March, we all had to find new ways to stay connected and engaged with the outside world. For the young musicians, artists and writers we have the privilege of supporting, it has also been their aim to stay creative. That’s why we launched the ROSL at Home project, which has given ROSL alumni the artistic outlet sorely missing now that live performances are currently not possible. On page 28, we present some of the highlights from the project. A renewal of ROSL’s leadership is also taking place in 2020, with recently arrived Chairman Alexander Downer AC being joined by new President Lord Geidt, and later this month, new Director-General Dr Annette Prandzioch. Welcome to them both. That means saying goodbye and a heartfelt thank you to Lord Luce and Dr Diana Owen, on page 10 and 6 respectively.

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