The three buildings that make up our wonderful clubhouse are Grade I listed. They are all of significant historical interest and some of our buildings are now unique and rare architectural gems. We have not always appreciated this and combined with underfunding over the past few decades parts of our building are in a less than perfect state, not least our gates and gate piers at the entrance to Over-Seas House. 

To turn the tide, the team at ROSL have been working with Martin Ashley and Associates, historical architects, to create a Master Building Strategy. This will ensure that we meet all our legal and safety obligations and care properly for our part of the nation’s architectural heritage properly.

To learn more, Martin Ashley has created a webinar, which gives a really fascinating insight into our great buildings, watch below:

Our entrance gates and courtyard are not just the first things we and our guest see, they are an integral part of the architecture.

“The once noble stone piers, entrance gates and front courtyard are a crucial part of Ambrose Poynter’s re-design of Vernon House for the 2nd Baron Hillingdon in 1906. The rusticated gate piers match rusticated ground floor stonework and the grand Venetian window of the house, and the heavily panelled and studded gates help to make it all reminiscent of a Venetian palazzo in the highly fashionable style of the time. The stone piers, entrance gates and courtyard need to become noble once again”

 Martin Ashley – Historical Architect

We have a unique opportunity during this dreadful lockdown to have the gates removed to be repaired and restored and let our talented builders and technicians repair the stonework piers and coping. This would normally cause huge disruption for all of us.

To undertake this work your club needs your help to fund this project. If you would like to help restore this wonderful piece of history and kick start our restoration journey, please visit to make a donation.

Every donation, large or small will help and be celebrated when we reopen.

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