As well as hearing from HQ during lockdown, many branches around the world have also been active in keeping in touch with their members. Neil Milne, Interim Chairman of the Taunton Branch, tells us what he has been doing to let members in the local area know what has been going on. 

What is life under lockdown like for you?

My day job is for the County Council and they have requested all staff to work from home where possible. This has proved quite straight forward with the aid of our laptops and software as we are able to communicate with each other easily. It has also meant that I am able to keep in touch with my two next door neighbours each day (at the recommended distance). They have both received letters from the Government about self isolating as have some other friends, so I have been delivering to them some groceries from time to time. 

What are you doing to stay in touch with Branch members?

When quarantine measures were first announced by the government, I sent a letter to all branch members saying that it would be nice to hear from them, as we are now not all due to meet again until October and that physical distancing need not mean social distancing. Over the last few weeks, since my letter, I have been contacted by members of the branch for a chat and I have also been telephoning some members for a catch  up, to see how they are keeping and if they are needing anything. 

What are you missing most about the clubhouse?

I was due to visit and stay at the clubhouse this month, I do this sometimes as living in the West Country, it helps to be able to stay over in London before heading on the next day to my destination elsewhere in the UK. Although you could look at the clubhouse as a building, or indeed several buildings, it has a character all of it own and visiting it is a bit like meeting an old friend again, and you certainly feel very welcome and comfortable whilst staying. At this time of year particularly, it is always interesting to see how the garden is beginning to return to colour and be able to sit outside and enjoy the Spring sunshine (preferably with a drink) and see all the various people bustling or strolling around in Green Park. We can but hope that we can do that again at some point later this year.

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