ROSL intern, Luke Dugdale, shares his experiences of working behind the scenes at Over-Seas House London.

This week, as an intern at ROSL, I have been working on a number of different projects that have made my stay an enlightening and enjoyable experience.

ROSL social media is something I have been concentrating on. By promoting events and sharing information, we hope to make members feel part of a greater organisation. I had the chance to help create the ‘ROSL’s involvement in WW1’ series, which will launch later in the year. The idea is to give a weekly factual update, in which we share a short story with an image, describing the club’s involvement in WW1. By creating this series, we hope members will be able to appreciate the support ROSL has given, and continues to give, to Commonwealth countries around the world. 

Working with the events manager, Sara, on the Young Members’ drinks event has helped me learn about the process by which ROSL organises events for club members. I realised just how much work went into making an event possible, but having attended the event itself, I realised the work paid off in the joy expressed by the younger members of ROSL.

I have also been working with Overseas magazine Deputy Editor, Christine, on an interview with the new Breakfast Manager, Thomas Nesvadba with the aim of strengthening the links between ROSL members and staff. Working on this interview has helped me see how ROSL is much more then just a hotel or event service, because not only are the members close to each other, they are also close to the staff. This gives to ROSL members the advantage of feeling at home as soon as they enter the doors of the club.

The history of the organisation is something I have found to be fascinating. Giving tours of Over-Seas House with Guest Relations Officer, Ellie, has taught me how the architecture of the powerhouse of ROSL has developed.  Equally, working on the Overseas magazine archives has taught me about the club’s historical roots. This has also helped me to see the club through the eyes of an ROSL member, and understand ROSL’s aims.

This week I learned about life in a company. I saw how the organisation creates, from scratch, the services that make being a member of this club worthwhile. I would like to thank ROSL for allowing me to complete this internship and for teaching me everything they have. It was a delightful experience; one I shall never forget.

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