of Alexis Corzberg, Chief Financial Officer. 

How has your daily routine changed now that you’re working from home?

Prior to the recent events, home working has always been a feature of my working life – I have been working one day a week successfully since I joined ROSL two years ago. It has allowed me a day away from the busyness of the clubhouse to focus on specific work tasks without interruption and also has helped lessen the tiring impact of a long commute. With technology as it is these days, I have a seamless work environment at my fingertips in my home office – my desktop is a replica of that I have in the clubhouse – so nothing is inaccessible.

Are there any advantages to working from home?

I find it creates a great balance in the way I structure my work tasks within the working week and allows me some really useful headspace to be in a quieter environment. As a morning lark, I often get to my home office desk bright and early on my working at home days, before the emails and calls of the day start coming in.

Have the changes impacted the Finance department’s operations?

We are very fortunate in that we have been increasingly using technology in our day to day tasks as much of the transaction work in recent years has been carried out remotely by Kingston Smith in India. We have been working on bringing the work back in house ready for the roll back inhouse in July 2020 so are already making great progress with implementing new ways of working which are proving very useful in this challenging time.

What do you miss most about being in the clubhouse?

I miss the clubhouse camaraderie, the interactions with staff and members, and working alongside my amazing Finance team . One of the wonderful aspects of my role, and I think this goes without saying most of the roles at ROSL, is the fact that everyday is different, full of surprises, and it is such an honour to be part of this unique organisation.  We are managing well to keep in touch with each other remotely, but I look forward to when normality resumes, which hopefully will be in time for everyone to enjoy the ROSL garden when it is at its Summer best!


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