of Tomasz Sikorski, Head of Estates and Projects. 

How has your daily routine changed now that you’re working from home?

While I'm feeling uncertain and anxious, as we all are, at the same time there is an increased need for action. The whole situation with coronavirus makes me angry but also mobilises me to be more pro-active and makes me feel that I really value working here at ROSL, more now than ever before. Perhaps in times of uncertainty, people realise how vulnerable the world around them is.

Are there any advantages in terms of maintenance now that the clubhouse is quieter than usual?

I always say that buildings without people are ‘dead structures’, so while there are clear advantages of having free and unrestricted access to certain areas of the club during the day, I would still love to be ‘restricted’ by a presence of our lovely members and invaluable staff.

What do you miss most about being in the clubhouse?

People, people and one more time, people.

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