We are pleased to share that the portrait of Lord Mountbatten by Frank Beresford has been restored and returned to Over-Seas House. 

Over the past few months the work has been cleaned, the paint touched up and a fresh varnish laid on top by art by conservator Rebecca Gregg. Following this extensive work, the portrait was made safe with the addition of glazing and a backboard to protect from damage and reducing the need for future restoration. Visit the club to see the improvements as the portrait is once again the centrepiece of the Mountbatten Room, named after the man in the frame, Lord Louis Mountbatten. 

Only possible thanks to the generous donations from our membership, the preservation of these valuable artworks keep safe irreplaceable documentation of ROSL’s history. Thank you to the members who have kindly donated already, if you are interested in supporting the restoration of our art, contact our Visual Art Curator, Eilidh McCormick on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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