ROSL has been busy putting on a host of online events during the last month as England has once again been in lockdown. If you didn't catch any of our talks or concerts, watch them again here. 

Whether it is with partners, family, friends, colleagues, or complete strangers, we all find meaning in our shared experiences. That drives us to form communities, both real and virtual, which bring us together with likeminded people who share our heritage, interests, political and religious beliefs, and more. In this edition of Overseas, we take a look at just a few of those communities, starting with the most local of all, our neighbours. 

Due to ongoing works on the heating system to make sure the clubhouse is warm and cosy on your return, we will now open on the morning of Saturday 5 December.

Due to Covid restrictions the Annual Music Competition Gold Medal Final took place behind closed doors this year. This is your change to watch it in full. 

Tired of staring at the same four walls? Why not get a change of scenery and join us for Christmas at the club? 

We're very much looking forward to reopening the clubhouse next week and will be celebrating next month with some fantastic live music from the Princess Alexandra Hall for everyone to enjoy, whether there in person or online.