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In 2019, ROSL presented an exhibition exploring the theme of Architecture and one of the featured artists, Graham Martin, has shared his story of art in isolation with us. Read how he is adapting to working from home and what plans have had to change as a result of quarantine.

Where are you right now?  

I'm at home in South London.

Can you please let us know what you have been up to recently and share some projects/work?  

I recently began working on some small scale paintings. These are studies based on photographs by Estelle Vincent of St Peter's Seminary in Cardross on the west coast of Scotland from a recent trip we made. They are acrylic on panel and are each 20x20 inches. These paintings are available as part of the brilliant #artistsupportpledge initiative on Instagram created by Matthew Burrows.

IMG 6876

What are you working on right now?  

I have just primed a number of panels to start working on more of these small scale paintings. I've been thinking about printmaking processes which have informed this recent work.

IMG 6896

Have you had to change any plans recently because of the COVID-19 outbreak?  

Unfortunately yes. I am in the first year of the MA Painting programme at the Royal College of Art, which is a studio based programme. As the college is closed we no longer have access to the studios, workshops or other resources and are waiting for clear direction from the RCA regarding the options available. I have also been working on a project with a group of artists which was intended to coincide with the Edinburgh Festival, which was recently cancelled. With everything that is going on in our local communities, across the UK and globally, it has been an unsettling few weeks.

What tools are you using to stay connected to the wider world, art or general?  

I use Instagram and Whatsap to stay connected to friends, family and the wider world. I have also begun using Zoom, which is taking some getting used to...

Is there an online space where you share your work? 

I share my work both on Instagram @graham.a.martin and on my website www.graham-martin.co.uk


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