ROSL ARTS works within the original mandate of its founder to ‘maintain social and cultural links worldwide’ and through our Visual Art Scholarships we actively bring international creativity to the UK. We work within the Commonwealth to maintain a link to the founding premise of the club, to preserve the positive connections within these international and diverse countries around the world.

We invite partner visual arts organisations to nominate a young, early career artist from within the Commonwealth with whom they would like to work on an exhibition. Each selected artist is invited to complete a month-long residency at Hospitalfield in Arbroath, an opportunity to dedicate uninterrupted time to their practice, while meeting and opening a dialogue with fellow artists from all over the world. ROSL scholars come from Commonwealth countries, are preferably practicing in their country of birth and have not previously studied or exhibited in the UK. Following the residency period the selected artist is then invited to return to the UK at a later date to exhibit their work at the partner gallery.

Our visual arts programme offers opportunities for us to connect with our members, introducing them to new and original creative practices while emphasising the exceptional opportunity we afford these young professional artists. We hope for strong continuing relationships with both organisation and artist throughout and following the project, and we will feature both in our printed publications and online, through interviews and features.

We have worked with galleries including; CCA Glasgow; Iniva, London; Generator Projects, Dundee; Edinburgh Art Festival; Camden Art Centre, London; Auto Italia, London; Grundy, Blackpool and Rhubaba, Edinburgh.



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