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ROSL Arts sponsors a number of scholarships for young Commonwealth musicians and visual artists. We work with institutions from Canada to New Zealand to provide the opportunity to travel to the UK and learn with some of the top practitioners in their respective fields, as well as giving them the chance to perform or exhibit in concert venues and galleries around the UK.

The ROSL Commonwealth Music Scholarships are open to students in Vancouver (University of British Columbia), Perth (University of Western Australia) and Australia (Australian Singing Competition). The recipients of the Pettman/ROSL Scholarship for a New Zealand Chamber Ensemble are chosen through our annual audition weekend in Christchurch, New Zealand and is open to established ensembles from the main music schools.

Visiting scholars will spend time staying in London, receiving lessons with renowned UK based professors as well as performing in such venues as St Martins in the Fields, St James’ Piccadilly and in our own Princess Alexandra Hall at ROSL. They will also spend time at a major UK summer school and then perform in several concerts at ROSL’s renowned Edinburgh Festival Fringe series.

The ROSL Arts visual scholars are given the opportunity to visit the UK and dedicate time to their practice and to become familiar with the art community within Britain. Spending two months at The Art House in Wakefield, the selected artists are allowed time to create while being centrally located and encouraged to travel and meet their peers across the country. The artists will also spend time in London during Frieze week, the busiest week in the capital’s art calendar, demonstrating all there is to offer from this international city as the art world comes to visit. With an awareness that there is more to our island than the London bubble, meetings and visits will be arranged across the country, while ensuring there is plenty of time to make and reflect in this change of environment.