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Section Final

Wind, Brass and Percussion

Section Final winner: Kris Garfitt trombone

Kris Garfitt

Philip Jones Memorial Prize for an outstanding brass player: Kris Garfitt trombone
Sussex Prize for Woodwind: Emma Halnan flute



Section Final winner: William Thomas bass 

Will Thomas web




Section final winner: Roberto Ruisi violin

Len Lickorish Memorial Prize for a String Player of Promise: Juliette Roos violin
Elias Fawcett Award for an Oustanding String Player: Joe Pritchard cello
ROSL Golden Jubilee Trust Prize for a String Player of Promise: Alexander McFarlane viola




Section Final winner: Joseph Havlat piano

Kerr Memorial Prize for a Young Pianist of Promise: Luke Jones piano


String Ensembles

Section Final winner: The Mithras Piano Trio

Mithras Trio


Mixed Ensembles

Section Final winner: The Hermes Experiment




Other Awards  

Lorna Viol Memorial Prize and ROSL Trophy for the most Outstanding Musician from Overseas & Winner of the Tait Memorial Scholarship for an Outstanding Australian/New Zealand MusicianBenson Wilson baritone

Phillip Crawshaw Memorial Prize for an Oustanding Musician from Overseas: Kathy Chow piano

ROSL Award for an Outstanding Australian Musician: Joseph Havlat piano