Cut Paste ll hand coloured etching Jane Daniell Ed 30 100 44 x 54

Jane Daniell 
Hand coloured aquatint etching
29 x 37cm (unframed)
Edition 1/30 Varied edition
£170 (framed) £110(unframed)

Jane Daniell has taken part in several exhibitions at venues worldwide and throughout London and the UK. She is a member of Southbank Printmakers and the Printmakers Council.
She creates aquatint etchings, where the plate is immersed in acid and the line and tones achieved when the acid ‘bites’ the areas which have not been masked. The colour is then applied by hand. One colouring achieves only one print. Jane has developed a range of work using etching and aquatint and the subject matter of her etchings are often drawn from the perennial themes. She prefers to work from her imagination, creating images with factual reference for the detail.
This etching is inspired by the hours of pleasure a child spends cutting and pasting, making up stories and histories related to the task. Jane has encountered these children, particularly in the developing world, she runs voluntary art workshops, providing the scissors, glue, and subject matter.

Instagram: ‘janedaniell