Formed in the 1930's the Glasgow Branch continues to attract a loyal following. Meeting regularly in the Western Club, and occasionally joining forces with the Edinburgh Branch, to enjoy a range of social activities throughout the year.

The branch are keen fundraisers; supporting local charities that work with those in need both close at home and in the Commonwealth.  

Tuesday 16 October


Tuesday 16 October, 2pm, The Western Club

A proposal to close the Glasgow Branch.

If you propose to attend please contact Bill Agnew on 0141 884 6342. ROSL members only.

Membership of the Glasgow Branch

You can be both a full ROSL member and a member of the local branch. Alternatively you may decide to be just a member of your local branch. As a local branch member you will still receive a copy of the Overseas Journal, and will be able to attend local events. However, local branch members are not permitted visit and stay in the London clubhouse, attend ROSL clubhouse events or use ROSL reciprocal clubs.