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True North Sounds: A Canadian Music Celebration

Starting on October 03, 2017 19:00
Categories: ROSL Events

Join us for True North Sounds: A Canadian Music Celebration, in honour of Canada's 150th year of confederation. Featuring works by internationally-acclaimed Canadian composers including Claude Vivier, Christos Hatzis, Alan Gordon Bell and Vincent Ho, performed by talented musicians from Canada and around the world.

Vincent Ho (b. 1975)                          Whimsical Sketches of Fanciful Birds
Robert Fleming (1921-1976)              Sonatina for piano
Gilles Tremblay (1932-2017)             Cèdres en voiles (Thrène pour le Liban) 
Roydon Tse (b. 1991)                         Speak, my soul
Claude Vivier (1948-1983)                 Piece for violin and clarinet
Alan Gordon Bell (b. 1953)                Field Notes (for violin, cello, clarinet, piano)
Christos Hatzis (b. 1953)                    Coming To (for violin and piano)

David Zucchi / saxophone
Carson Becke / piano
Yoanna Prodanova / cello
Mateusz Rettner / piano
Labuschagne Quartet