A Day in the Life: Eilidh McCormick

Visual Arts Coordinator Eilidh McCormick tells us what a typical day looks like for her. 

A Day in the Life: Fringe Benefits

As we're now only a week away until the start of 'ROSL Recitals' at the Edinburgh Fringe, we look back on what went into making the two weeks of classical concerts last year. Remember, for 2018 we're in a new venue at the Royal Scots Club.

A Day in the Life: Gavin Quinn

ROSL People: A Day in the Life of Gavin Quinn, Head Chef... 

A Day in the Life: Jessica Harris Edwards

Jessica Harris Edwards, Event Coordinator and Marketing Executive, tells us just what it takes to put on a members' event. 

Barrie Pettman 1944-2017

We are sorry to hear of the passing of Professor Barrie Pettman, Vice President of ROSL and generous funder with his wife Maureen of the Pettman/ROSL Scholarship for a New Zealand Chamber Ensemble.

Hitting All The Right Notes

Winner of the 2019 Annual Music Competition Gold Medal, trombonist Kris Garfitt tells Mark Brierley how he made it all the way to the Queen Elizabeth Hall and where he plans to go from here. 

Mary LeMessurier 1930-2018

It is with profound sadness we announce the peaceful passing of Mary J. LeMessurier at the age of 88 on Sunday 11 March 2018 in Edmonton, Alberta. 

My Delhi

Sisters and ROSL members - Poonam and Rohina Jaiswal tell us about their Delhi.

ROSL People: A Day in the Life...

...of Julia McMenemy, Guest Relations Officer. 

One of the many great things about being the Guest Relations Officer at the Royal Over-Seas League is the public nature of my position. As one of the more visible members of the ROSL team, I’ve gotten to know many of you very well in the year or so I have been at the club, and it is often the catch-ups and pleasantries I exchange with members that that form the highlight of my day.

ROSL People: A Day in the Life...

...of Dean Cress, Housekeeping, Over-Seas House, London 

ROSL People: A Day in the Life...

...Simon Alexander, Front Office Manager 

ROSL People: A Day in the Life...

...of Sofia Munoz, Assistant Front Office Manager 

ROSL People: A Day in the Life...

... of Gosia Zych, Deputy Manager for Graysons, at ROSL. 

ROSL People: Jess Dandy

Having won the Roderick Lakin Professional Development Award for Singers in last year's Annual Musical Competition, Jess Dandy contralto is using that support from ROSL to launch her SongPath project this summer. 

ROSL People: Joey Chin

We are excited to share the work of our 2018 Visual Arts scholar Joey Chin as she exhibits at Leeds Arts University from 4 April to the 16 May 2019. The exhibition of Books given, books receivedis curated by Nick Norton and will be appropriately presented in the Blenheim Walk Library to be visited by appointment. Joey invites the audience to delve into the history of a book and the story surrounding the story, which links to memory and culture. She examines the emotional act of reading and sharing and the significance of books as objects. 

ROSL People: Jonathan Radford

Performing in our next ROSL Rush Hour concert on Tuesday 16 April, 2018 Gold Medal Winner at Annual Music Competition, Saxophonist Jonathan Radford discusses his life in music and what led him all the way to the £20,000 first prize. 

ROSL People: Judy McKenzie

In the latest edition of Overseas, creator of this year’s Overseas Award, ceramicist Judy McKenzie speaks to Mark Brierley about her lifelong love of the medium and the circuitous route she has taken to get to where she is today.

ROSL People: Marilyn Archbold

As is the case for many members, ROSL has been a constant for all of Marilyn Archbold’s adult life. Having recently stepped down as the Chair of the West Sussex Branch, Overseas looks back at her career at the club, one that spans almost 60 years. 

ROSL People: Mathilde Milwidsky

Violinist Mathilde Milwidsky won the String Competition at the 2017 ROSL Annual Music Competition (AMC), marking the start of what we hope will be a long association with ROSL. 

Sir Kenneth Scott 1931-2018

It is with great sadness we report the death of former ROSL Vice-Chairman Sir Kenneth Scott KCVO CMG, who died on Friday 23 February at the age of 87. 

Sir Lawrence Byford 1925-2018

We are saddened to report former ROSL Chairman Sir Lawrence Byford has passed away aged 92. 

Walking on the Wild Side of London

ROSL members David and Kathy Howe, from Carlisle, talk us through the many and varied walks available to city dwellers dotted in and around the capital. 

Welcome to Diana Owen, ROSL's New Director-General

Dr Diana Owen officially takes up her post this morning as the new Director-General of the Royal Over-Seas League. 

What the Commonwealth Means to Me?

A veritable feast of different cultures make up the Commonwealth, but it is tied together by a shared language, values, interests, history, and purpose. In the latest edition of Overseas, we speak to ROSL members, music and arts scholars, and recipients of ROSL's humanitarian and education projects from around the world to find out how they see the Commonwealth.