20 Years at the Fringe

To celebrate two decades of music making at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, ROSL will be hosting a special gala concert as part of this year's concert series in the Scottish capital. Artistic Director Geoff Parkin plots the growth of this much-loved series and outlines the plans for this year's celebrations. 

2017 - Christmas at the Clubhouses

I know it's only October, but many of you will already be thinking about planning your Christmas break and luckily, ROSL has plenty to keep you occupied over the festive period. 

2017 in Pictures

ROSL has organised some incredible events for members over the past 12 months, varying in size and scope, from the intimate setting of the Drawing Room for an evening of magic, to the cavernous expanse of Cadogan Hall for the Annual Music Competition Grand Final, or a cosy corner of the bar for Younger Member Drinks, to the vast vistas of the Somme for the Battlefield Tour. 

A Chorus of Carols

Whether you're in Edinburgh or London over the festive period, our members will be singing loud and clear, so join in the carols and get into the Christmas spirit. 

A Day in the Life: Eilidh McCormick

Visual Arts Coordinator Eilidh McCormick tells us what a typical day looks like for her. 

A Day in the Life: Fringe Benefits

As we're now only a week away until the start of 'ROSL Recitals' at the Edinburgh Fringe, we look back on what went into making the two weeks of classical concerts last year. Remember, for 2018 we're in a new venue at the Royal Scots Club.

A Night at the Opera

If ROSL's Edinburgh Fringe programme is just too long to wait, why not join us for an evening of opera at the clubhouse on Princes Street on Tuesday 23 May.

A Taste of Summer

As June draws ever closer, are you beginning to wonder how to whittle away all those long days and warm evenings? Well here at the Royal Over-Seas League we have the answer.

Celebrating 65 Years of ROSL ARTS

This year, at ROSL ARTS we are celebrating our 65th Anniversary, and next month we are putting together a weekend of concerts to celebrate all the musicians we have worked with, past and present. To kick off our celebrations we are going back through our history to see where it all began…

Damian Callan: Artist Discussion and Demonstration

All those who have visited our Edinburgh clubhouse most certainly remember the view, the cityscape that captures Edinburgh, from the busy, modernised Princes Street to the historic, iconic castle. Being from Scotland, looking across the green of the gardens and up to the fortress on the rock there is a sense of pride that for thousands of years’ people have gazed across this land with the same feeling. It is this view that will be forever depicted and documented, from historic maps and paintings to the modern photograph that is shared across the globe with one click.

Edinburgh Clubhouse Announcement

After careful consideration, and with the advice of independent building specialists, ROSL Central Council has taken the decision to close the Edinburgh clubhouse at the end of January 2018 and to review options for the future. 

Edinburgh Clubhouse Announcement

A read through ROSL’s annual reports over the last decade reveals that the condition of the clubhouse and the service provided for members in Princes Street has been of considerable concern for many years. 

Edinburgh Fringe: The Reviews Are In

We're barely three concerts into the 34-concert series 'Music & More @ 100 Princes Street', being held over the next fortnight as ROSL ARTS' contribution to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and already the first review has arrived. 

Edinburgh Members Further Information

As you will now be aware ROSL Central Council has made the difficult decision to close the Edinburgh clubhouse at the end of January 2018. Find out why this decision was taken and what members can expect at their new home at the Royal Scots Club... 

Edinburgh Welcomes Scottish Conservatoire

Last night the Edinburgh clubhouse played host to students from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland for an evening of opera. 

Fringe 2019: The Story So Far

Our 2019 ROSL Recitals series at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is now well-underway, with our exceptional AMC alumni and scholars coming together to delight the crowds. 

Fringe Benefits: Ashley Fripp

Winner of the piano section at the 2011 Annual Music Competition, Ashley Fripp has been a staple of ROSL's concert series at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for several years. Returning again for the 2018 festival in August, Ashley gives us a behind-the-scenes glimpse into what it's like to perform as part of ROSL Recitals

Fringe Benefits: Decades in the Making

2018 marks the 19th year ROSL has returned to Scotland for its annual award-winning series of concerts at the Fringe, but our connection to the Edinburgh International Festival actually goes back much further. 

Fringe Benefits: Get Your Golden Ticket

ROSL Recitals is returning to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe next month and this year we feature not one, not two, but three Annual Music Competition (AMC) Gold Medal winners. It is your chance to see some of the finest classical musicians the Commonwealth has produced. With 30 concerts spread over two weeks, the Royal Scots Club will be filled with mellifluous music from Monday 6 to Friday 7 August. 

Fringe Benefits: Luís Santos

ROSL Recitals is now just days away! Starting on Monday 6 August at the Royal Scots Club, ROSL ARTS prizewinners and scholars will be taking to the stage three times a day, for 30 concerts in two weeks. Today, we speak to bassoonist Luís Santos, one of our scholars currently visiting the UK from Perth, Australia. Recently studying at the University of Western Australia, after his month-long trip he will begin studying at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam under the tutelage of Simon van Holen. 

Fringe Benefits: ROSL Recommends

The best thing about the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the huge diversity of shows on offer, with the roster seeming to grow in number and variety with every year. Where else can you see music, cabaret, dance, comedy, and theatre all in a day? 

Fringe Benefits: The Audience's Perspective

Over the last few weeks you've heard us wax lyrical about the many amazing musicians, both prizewinners from ROSL's Annual Music Competition (AMC) and scholars from across the Commonwealth, that are taking to the stage at the Fringe. With 'ROSL Recitals' now underway in Edinburgh, we can hear what the audience had to say about the first few concerts. 

Fringe: Fueled By Coffee and Custard Creams

As the ROSL ARTS team come to the end of their time in Edinburgh, let's have a look behind the scences at what a day in the life at the Fringe Festival entails. 

Fringe: The Countdown Has Begun

Its now only a matter of days until the ROSL Recitals series of concerts returns to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for more than 30 concerts across two weeks. Running at the Royal Scots Club from Monday 5 to Friday 16 August 2019, ROSL Recitals is your chance to hear some of the best classical music available anywhere on the Fringe. 

Fringe: The Gold Standard

Next month, ROSL returns to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for its 20th anniversary concert programme, featuring a huge selection of past ROSL prizewinners and scholars from around the Commonwealth. The standard is incredibly high and among them, some five Annual Music Competition Gold Medal winners will be performing, showing that ROSL Recitals are really the best at the Fringe. Let's find out who the five winners returning this year are.

Fringe: The Reviews Are In

ROSL is lucky enough to see some of the same faces year after year at our concert series at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. This year, regular concert-goer Douglas Paton gave us his thoughts on the programme. 

Happy St Andrew's Day

A very happy St Andrew's Day to all our Scottish members; how will you be celebrating this year? 

Last Chance: Burns Night Dinner

Want to join your fellow Scottish members for one last hurrah at the Edinburgh clubhouse? Then why not celebrate one of Scotland's most famous sons, Rabbie Burns, for a black-tie dinner on Saturday 27 January, from 6.30pm?

Little Sparta Comes to the Edinburgh Clubhouse

Last week ROSL ARTS visited the Edinburgh clubhouse to present a talk about a work Little Sparta by Ian Hamilton Finlay. Professor Andrew Patrizio visited 100 Princes Street to share some information about the garden that is set in the Pentland Hills near Edinburgh. 

Music & More Reaches Halfway Mark

The first week of ROSL's 'Music & More @ 100 Princes Street' Edinburgh Fringe Programme has been hugely popular so far, with performances from a range of ROSL scholars and Annual Music Competition past winners.