Lunchtime Recital: Florian Mitrea - Tales of Life

From November 25, 2022 13:00 until 14:00
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Join us for this special lunchtime recital with British-Romanian pianist Florian Mitrea, winner of the 2018 ROSL Annual Music Competition Keyboard Prize.

Supported by the ProPatria Festival 

Tales of life

Storytelling has always been at the heart of music. Whether it is declared or not, music always has a message to tell, and it does so brilliantly without words, but merely with sounds and moods. This programme begins with the autobiographical ‘Pathetique’ Sonata in which Beethoven pours his grief over the deafness that was engulfing him. The sombre mood continues into Toduta’s Passacaglia, a Christmas story that mixes Christianity with Eastern superstitions and spirituality. Liszt’s Second Ballade tells the Greek myth of Hero and Leander, a Romeo and Juliet love story from ancient Greece, a tale about passion, divine wrath, human judgement, but above all, unending, pure love. Finally, the Spanish Rhapsody, a piece Liszt composed longer after he stopped touring and on which he spent much time working, is a whirlpool of folk dances and songs, the type of music that has always carried peoples’ stories, be they stories of sorrow or of joy.

Beethoven – Sonata in C minor op. 13 ‘Pathetique’ 

Sigismund Toduță – Passacaglia. 12 Variations on a Romanian Christmas carol 

Fr. Liszt – Ballade no. 2 in B minor 

Fr. Liszt – Spanish Rhapsody 

Members £9 
General Admission £12 
Ticket includes tea, coffee & biscuit

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