Johns Facing Time Collagraph 45 x 41

Victoria Johns
Facing Time
OEV 5/10
41 x 45cm (framed) 39 x 47cm (unframed)
£185 (framed) £130 (unframed)

You could say Victoria has a slight obsession with looking at the world in an obscure way. She focuses on new ways of seeing the world around her, by flattening out our 3D world.

“Whenever possible I’ll grab the window seat in an aeroplane so I can snap away at the birds-eye views passing me by.”

This privileged view point in the sky gives her intriguing aerial views that flatten out man-made features, in turn highlighting what nature has to offer. We all play our part alongside nature in creating these ever intriguing layers, textures, lines and marks that imprint our lands.

Victoria enjoys abstracting details of these views focusing on scale, space, shape, pattern, texture and colour.
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‘Facing Time’ is a collagraph print inspired by the aerial views coming into land at a U.S. airport, using the colours, shapes and patterns that can be seen on land and along the waterways.