Brooke Angel Islington Parallel Worlds Screenprint

Rory Brooke
Angel Islington: Parallel Worlds
124cm x 88cm (framed)
Ed No 10 (9 available)
£500 (Framed), £300 (Unframed)

Rory Brooke searches to illustrate the issues, lives and actions behind images and places – illuminating histories and thought processes. Particularly interested in urban and rural landscape, climate change, the environment and property development. He enjoys using both colour and relief and most of his work is screenprints and linocuts. Rory is the founder of East London Printmakers and the Urban Rural Group.

Colour and ‘Angel Islington: Parallel Worlds’

"In the same place different people occupy different worlds with their own viewpoints and experiences and minimal interaction. Canal boat living; walking along the towpath while absorbed in social media; expensive apartments alien to adjacent council tenants; tech workers in their converted factory offices linked to an economic network elsewhere; all in their own bubbles. Over-arching issues like climate change break through but aren't noticed." - Rory Brooke

Rory has used colour in this picture to differentiate between and emphasise these different worlds, each one mostly limited to one set of tones, but with small patches of linking colour from the other bubbles.