Denton SummerColour monotype 0427 67 x 67

Rebecca Denton
Summer Colour
68 x 68cm
Ed No - 1/1 Unique Print
£550 (£450 Unframed)

With over two decades of creating, Rebecca Denton works from her sketches and imagination to create original prints in her North London studio. Her aquatints are often whimsical, featuring imagined characters in imaginary landscapes and her narrative etchings are playful, sometimes with a serious context but always hopeful and life-affirming.

“I love it when people connect with the work; perhaps it triggers a childhood memory or allows them to dream of a better world or just dream...”

Rebecca also creates unique one-off prints or ‘printed paintings’; moments of beauty where the soul of the place can be felt.

A member of the Southbank Printmakers Gallery, Rebecca exhibits regularly In the UK and has collectors all over the world.

How my work (‘Summer Colour’ relates to the theme)

With this one-off monotype, I have drawn (metaphorically and literally) on the colours of summer when the world becomes a little lighter and brighter. The carefree sun-drenched shades of childhood; bubble gum pink and sherbet yellow... set against a turquoise sea.
Summer is a time for families to re-bond, to enjoy nature, when everyday stresses are left at home.

We have an emotional response to colour... How does memory effect our perception of it?

Do events placed in the happy compartment of our brain take on a slightly stronger hue?