Chandiramani Celebration 1 Screenprint 47 x 47

Prerna Chandiramani 
Celebration 1
47 x 47 cm
Ed no 3/3
£125 (framed)

Prerna Chandiramani is a Bristol based artist with Indian cultural roots. With a Masters in Multidisciplinary printmaking, Chandiramani continues her practice from Spike Print Studio where she has been recently awarded the Peter Reddick bursary for Innovation in Relief Printing. Chandiramani's practice explores the materiality of paper through the process of folding in response to memories held in her father's handwritten letters. ‘Celebration 1’ is a screenprint representing the content of one such letter which described the festivities during Diwali as celebrated widely in India. Vibrant colours are seen everywhere from silks to rangoli designs, shimmering lights and colourful lanterns. The presence of these colours in Chandiramani’s prints revive these memories and bring her closer to her cultural heritage.