Algar TOWNSCAPE Multi etching over Collage 70 x 70

Mary Algar A.T.D
Multi -media collage of Found Pieces, bits of my own original prints, gold paper, paint and monoprint
70 x 70cm
2018 – 2020

Print Making, Painting, Life Drawing and Teaching.

Born in 1926. Mary Algar was brought up in a boarding school which laid great emphasis on Art, Music, Dancing and Movement.
During the second world war, Mary won a scholarship to St Martin's School of art London, where we were taught Still Life in oils and drawing from the cast. Also in art Teaching at London University. She taught full time in secondary schools and at one comprehensive, She also taught part time in evening school at Morley College, whilst rearing two sons.
Mary has also run many workshops and in Calligraphy, Collage, printing and all aspects of Art for children and adults in Barnes where she lives.

For the Theme "COLOUR" in Townscape
Mary liked the way the coloured etchings were changed after laying them over with the found pieces, monoprints and gold paper; the deep impression set of the different surfaces and therefore she gave it the Town name.