Britt Mackerell Sky Linocut 2 48 x 58

Linda Britt
Mackerel Sky
Etched and cut lino
£265 (framed) £215 (unframed)

Originally from London Linda Britt now lives in the North Cambridgeshire Fens.
A relative newcomer to printmaking although her interest in this area started during my degree at Hornsey Art School. Since then Linda concentrated on painting and subsequently completed an MA in Drawing at Norwich University of the Arts.
Once she bought her own press her direction firmly settled into printmaking. Her subject matter is all around me in the Fen countryside. The vast empty spaces and huge skies which characterize this area lends itself to abstraction. This is the breadbasket of the UK and as such is ever changing with the seasons, the verdant crops of Summer giving way to muted colours of Winter when the fields lie empty. Linda's painter’s eye is attuned to such subtleties which are an integral part of the singular beauty of this landscape. Nature also has a habit of shocking the retina with transient spectacular light shows at dawn and day’s end which particularly dominate the vista in these flat lands where the sky has equal weight to the land. ‘Mackerel Sky’ was born out of one of those Winter moments.