Boyd Topiarist Linocut 60 x 60

Kit Boyd
The Topiarist
A/P i/x
£420 (Framed) £350 (unframed)

Exploring our relationship with nature and landscape, Kit's artworks find refuge in the pastoral and surreal, leading you down lanes into dreamlike landscapes. He follows in the British romantic tradition, being strongly influenced by Samuel Palmer and the Neo-Romantics of the 1940s. 

I’m interested in the sense of mystery that lies beyond our surface appreciation of the world, the moments of heightened perception that can come upon you when you are out alone in a landscape, the strangeness of a distant wood on a hill, the history hidden beneath your feet, the ability of landscape to give you goose pimples, the secretive domains of birds and insects, or the fleeting connection between you and a fox as you interrupt each other on a country path.
The ongoing theme of my work is our relationship to nature, whether in a realistic or surrealist depiction of our internal and external worlds. Landscape for me is often a protective womb-like place in which we can find solace, escape or a safe environment away from the information overload and overcrowding we are experiencing in the modern world, just as Palmer escaped the incursions of industrial revolution into his patch of south London by escaping to Shoreham in the 1820s.
Kit shows widely across the UK, and is represented by print dealer Elizabeth Harvey-Lee at the London Original Print Fair at the Royal Academy each year, and the Works on Paper Fair. His work has been selected for the RA Summer Exhibition, the Masters at Bankside Gallery, The Discerning Eye, and the National Open Print Exhibition. His prints are available in London from Greenwich Printmakers Gallery.
With a background as a painter, my recent printmaking explorations have also moved into colour, having made monochrome etchings for many years. In recent years I have hand-tinted monochrome etchings to make unique versions which alter the mood of a piece, reflecting time of day, geographical location or season. I feel the effect of transparent ink over an aquatint enhances the tone and richness of each print. These unique hand-coloured versions found the right balance for me between my painterly background and the very detailed graphic style of my printmaking.
More recently I have concentrated on colour relief printmaking, primarily collagraphs and linocuts, such as The Topiarist featured in this exhibition.This print is made of three linoleum plates. The first plate is printed in yellow, the second on top is a light transparent blue, and the third is a pure more opaque blue. I wanted to create a range and depth of greens which are created by the layering of these three colours, combined with the type and pattern of cut made in the lino. This is my largest print to date, made during lockdown in 2020, sitting on our small roof terrace surrounded by the plants we've grown. Those months allowed me to watch everything growing and blooming around me, the colours of spring moving into summer. The image is about the world we create around us and being in charge of our personal and the larger environment.