Sullock Lunar Landscape Screen and etching 32 x 39

Julie Sullock
Lunar Landscape
Etching & Screen Print
27.5 x 34cm
Framed Price £165

Julie was born in South London and studied Fine Art at St. Martin's School of Art and then completed an M.A. in printmaking at Brighton Polytechnic, in 1988.
Julie’s abstract work concentrates on the use of colour and mood.

She uses colour to enhance the composition and often uses screen printing and blends to create depth within the picture. In 'Lunar Landscape' a sunset is hinted at and the hazy moon hovers above an imagined landscape.

Julie enjoys combining the opaque nature of screen printing, with the more translucent element of etching.

The use of blacks and greys enhances the fluorescent colours as well as the turquoise. She is influenced by colourists such as Mathew Smith, Kandinsky, Sargy Mann, Klee and the Fauves.

Julie has continued to make prints since leaving Art College and enjoys experimenting with a range of printing methods. She is a member of Southbank Printmakers which has a gallery in Gabriel’s Wharf, where more of her work can be viewed.