Jennie Ing Passing Storm Waterloo Bridge

Jennie Ing
Passing Storm (Waterloo Bridge)
Reduction linocut
65 x 55cm, 45 x 33cm (unframed)
Edition no. 8/20
£410, £350 (unframed)

Jennie Ing trained in printmaking at Croydon College and Wimbledon School of Art where with an AHRB bursary she gained a Masters Degree in Fine Art: Print

Her work is mostly inspired by our city architecture, seen from near or afar.  She takes the familiar and the less familiar to develop into bold colourful lincout prints.  She enjoys contrasting strong shapes of modern architecture alongside the old.  It is what gives the city its identity that she looks for in making her work.

Creating her prints she uses the reduction linocut method which involves the successive cutting away of the block until the finished print is achieved.  All this done by hand with the printing done on her Victorian Albion press.  With the reduction block there is no going back and the whole edition must be completed at the same time.

She has work in the V&A print archive and the Scarborough Art Gallery and Museum archive as well as collections with several major UK companies.

She is a member of Greenwich Printmakers, Southbank Printmakers, the Printmakers Council, and the Fountain Gallery at Hampton Court.  She has work in a number of UK galleries and exhibits regularly in art fairs across the country.  In the past John Lewis have sold a range of her prints, and she has a card range available through Blue Island Press.

About Passing Storm (Waterloo Bridge) linocut print:

I started work on this print towards the end of February 2020.  Covid was being mentioned, we were hearing stories from China and the virus was starting to spread across the world.  But we still felt safe, sort of.  I was ready to get working and wanted to create a new London print depicting Waterloo Bridge and the London skyline, with as many of my favourite buildings and features as possible.  Originally this was going to be the main focus.  But the mood around us was changing, the virus was spreading and getting closer, it wasn’t a matter of if we go into lockdown, it was when.  And with all the uncertainty I wondered if I’d ever finish the print, and if anyone would ever see it… The previous summer the day I had taken the photos for source material had been very stormy, in fact I was caught in a sudden downpour, and with the current changing mood I decided, almost subliminally, to make the sky more of a feature with dramatic storm clouds in layers of ever darkening strong blue grey tones mirrored in the water, with Waterloo Bridge, a band across the middle, having some bright spots of colour with the red London buses and green trees appearing fresh from the recent rain.  While the print is very much a London image it partly reflects the mood at the time of making, a little gloom but a sense of optimism.

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