Baxter.Tulip Suite Pink and White.jMonoprintjpg 53 x 47

Jacki Baxter
Tulip Suite: Pink and White
Monoprint with Stencils
53 x 47cm
Ed No. 1/1
£360 (framed)£260 (unframed)

Jacki Baxter came to art and printmaking after working in the advertising industry as a food stylist. She studied printmaking at Middlesex University BA Hons, and then Camberwell College of Art, MA.Fine Art Printmaking. Living and work in London, Jacki is a key holder member of the East London Printmakers, an artist’s collective based in Mile End, where she makes her prints. She is also a member of the Printmakers Council and am the company secretary. Currently her work is exhibited in the Greenwich Printmakers Gallery in Greenwich, where she is an artist member.Jacki has had work exhibited in many different countries and is held in various collections in England and abroad.

Colour Exhibition
Colour is an essential component of Jacki's work and is often the driving force to determine the outcome of a print.
She makes handmade original, limited edition prints using oil based ink because of its intense richness of colour combined with various printmaking techniques. Using traditional print techniques, hand cut and etched Lino, combined with handmade stencils. This layering technique allows her to produce the distinctive colours, patterns and textures of my prints.
Jacki aims to convey the beauty of everyday objects and placing them in abstract spaces, using colour and texture to enhance the forms and enrich the compositions. By referencing the still life genre, She aims to place the ‘ordinary’ centre stage, inviting the audience to reassess the role and importance of every day objects and spaces.