H A TAYLOR Greenhouse Earth woodcut 2 53 x 40

Helen A Taylor
Greenhouse Earth 2
Woodcut coloured with watercolour
53 x 40cm (framed)
£200 (framed)

Helen Taylor’s work is inspired by the natural world especially trees and plants, and the ways in which humanity influences and changes the natural landscape, the relationship between organic and built environments. The artist’s intention is to explore the natural world of trees, plants and flowers, and the sheer diversity of what can grow in our own back garden and flora bred and kept in 'captivity'; a possible future for many plant species, and for our experience of them, certainly those which may not be able to survive and adapt to long term changes to their environment. Taylor is primarily a printmaker working in Lino and woodcut, recent work combines woodcut prints with hand-colouring in watercolour, enhancing colour, detail and texture. Colour is key in this series of works, Taylor uses the range of colour in our plant world to emphasise the beauty of our natural environment, contrasting this with manmade structures which can try to emulate the diversity of organic forms and shades but can never quite succeed.