Mercier TimePrism2 screenprint 60 x 60

Chris Mercier MA RCA

Time Prism #2
60 x 60cm
Ed No. 2/12
£275 (framed) £250 (unframed)

This particular prints measures 60x60 cm and has been printed as an edition of 12.
Framed price £275

This screen print has been printed with just the three trichromatic colours, CYAN, MAGENTA & YELLOW. The black and the other secondary colours you can see, are created by the overlaying of these three primary colours.

This artwork is essentially about “process” which always interests me and informs my work.

The Screen printing process, which uses stencils on a stretched frame as the printing plate, requires that each colour is printed separately. They are printed by hand.

The Time Prism series, is just part of a larger project involving video projections and related print based work.

I would describe myself as a multidisciplinary artist with an interest in the nature of “process” and the subsequent artifacts generated. I like to explore, observe and document the repertoires of objects and processes.

Chris Mercier (1951), artist and printmaker lives and practises in Reading (UK). He runs the Printmaker art editioning studio. He has also collaborated with many artists in the role of master printer. He is a member of the OpenHand OpenStudio, Arjeea21 and the Printmakers Council.

He studied Fine Art at The University of Reading and fine art printmaking at the Royal College of Art, London.