Mountin Grasses No 3. A brookes 40 x 40

Angela Brookes
Mountain Grasses
Unique drypoint and monoprint
40 x 40 cm (framed) 20 x 20 cm (image)
Edition No. 4/10ev
£220 (framed)  £170 (unframed)

“Most years I visit Tuscany. I have one favourite spot where I often sit for hours behind tall grasses watching the gentle setting of the days fierce sunshine. When in such beautiful surroundings, the evening is my favourite time of day and I love to observe the extraordinary gradation of colour from the sky overhead to tops of the mountains, as the sun slowly sets. Sometimes it transitions from the purest shade of blue to a gentle hue of yellow, with no obvious point of change, just a beautiful easing from one colour to the next. On this occasion the sky was a fantastically rich red, only weakening as the sun disappeared behind the hills.”