Click here to download the 2015 Music & More @ 100 Princes Street ROSL Edinburgh Festival Fringe brochure.



To download the brochure and application form for the 2015 Pettman/ROSL ARTS international scholarship for a New Zealand chamber ensemble please click both links below and read carefully.  


Click here to download the 2015 Pettman/ROSL ARTS International Scholarship brochure


Click here to download the 2015 Pettman/ROSL ARTS International Scholarship application form







The winner of the 2014 Pettman/ROSL ARTS International Scholarship is the cello quartet QUATTRO (Catherine Kwak, Jacky Siu, Sam Lucas, Alexander Arai-Swale) from the University of Waikato Hamilton

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“The Royal Over-Seas required to encourage the arts particularly amongst the young people of the Commonwealth” Royal Charter 1960


For over 50 years ROSL ARTS has developed a diverse portfolio of activities in music, visual arts, and literature. ROSL ARTS is devoted to the career development of talented young professional artists and musicians from the UK and the Commonwealth, and also presents readings and literary events at its central London headquarters.


The principal ways in which ROSL ARTS supports artists and musicians is through the ROSL Annual Music Competition, ROSL Commonwealth Music Scholarships, and ROSL Commonwealth Visual Arts Scholarships. ROSL ARTS also provides performance and exhibition opportunities for its prizewinning artists and musicians early in their careers, and thus brings their work to the attention of the professional arts community, the media, and the general public.


ROSL ARTS is supported by the membership and clubhouse operations of the Royal Over-Seas League and the ROSL Golden Jubilee Trust Fund (registered charity no 306095), as well as donations and sponsorship from many sources: businesses such as Harrods Bank and Coutts & Co; charitable trusts including the John Ellerman Foundation, the Rayne Foundation, the Underwood Trust, the Weinstock Fund; numerous private benefactors; the Friends of ROSL ARTS.


ROSL ARTS has collaborated and received support from the national arts councils of several Commonwealth countries, the British Council, Visiting Arts and UK regional arts boards. ROSL ARTS has collaborated with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in presenting outstanding young Commonwealth artists and musicians at the biennial Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings.