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Frequently asked questions


Q           Is there a membership criteria?

A            Full membership is open to nationals of the UK and Commonwealth countries. Affiliate membership is open to citizens of all other countries. Only full members are granted the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting.


Q           How do I join?

A           To join ROSL every individual must complete a membership application form and send this form by post FAO: Membership Department, Over-Seas House, Park Place, St James's Street, London SW1A 1LR.


              Individual applicants must be proposed and seconded, however, members of certain organisations (for example, the Royal Academy or the National Trust) or alumni of Universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and Trinity College Dublin, are exempt from this process. To check whether you qualify for organisational membership please click here.


              Residents of Australia and New Zealand are required to contact their local branch secretary to obtain an application form (this is because the subscription rates are payable in local currency). Please click here for the contact details.


              For more information, or to receive a ROSL membership application pack in the post, please contact or tel +44 (0)20 7408 0214 ext. 214/216.


Q           Who can act as a proposer?

A            The proposer may be a ROSL member or ROSL staff member as designated by the Director-General.


Q           Who can act as a seconder?

A            The seconder may be a ROSL member, bank manager, solicitor or another person of recognised standing.


Q           How do I establish a company corporate membership?

A            There is an arrangement for companies, charities, or other organisations which would like a minimum of four of their staff (including spouses) to be members. Although each applicant is required to fill in a separate application form, the overall joining fee and annual subscription is usually paid by the company. To establish a company corporate arrangement please contact the Membership Secretary at


Q           How long does it take to become a ROSL member?

A            Upon receipt of a completed application form, membership will typically be processed within 5-7 working days.


Q           What is the joining fee?

A            The joining fee, which is applicable per household, is a one-off administration fee payable upon joining ROSL.  A joining fee is payable if membership lapses for more than 12 months.


Q           How much does membership cost?

A            Your membership subscription is based on your home address. To view our subscription rates for 2016 and to download an application form click here.  If you move address within your year of membership, your subscription rate will be reviewed accordingly when your membership becomes due for renewal.


Q           How do I know whether I am ‘London area' or ‘Country England and Wales'?

A            ROSL defines ‘London area' as within a 50 mile radius, as the crow flies from Charing Cross station.

             Please see the map below for a rough guide:


rosl membership map






















              If you are on the border, or uncertain as to which category you may belong, please contact the membership department on +44(0)20 7408 0214 ext 214 or 216. Incorrect application forms will result in delay.


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If you have any questions regarding the application form, or  would like to apply for a membership pack in the post, please contact the ROSL membership department on +44 (0)207 408 0214 ext 214 or 216 or email